Good friends will buy you deodorant, give you a mint or book you a dentist appointment.

Smelly armpits & Bad breath….two things I cannot for the life of me understand! Primarily because, I refuse to believe that people are not aware of the odours they emit, and if they suffer from a permanently blocked nose, do the people you interact with them not advise them of their sewer vibes?  Most importantly, are you care bearers not aware of the awful stench you release? I say this because my mom is my biggest fan and my toughest critic and she will tell me “Mlu, you teeth look awful yellow, how about we see the dentist tomorrow.”

The main issue around why people will not inform people of their pong is that they fear to offend? But why is pointing out a problem an offense?  If anything its helping someone, opening their eye to a pertinent issue that needs attention, because bad smells are in fact a hygiene and sometime health concern. All these horrendous stenches are caused by bacteria and are often a signal of filth and dirt. Especially with those who suffer from Halitosis, like did you know that it’s the third most frequent cause for tooth decay & periodontal disease?  This is a heavy risk people and if left unattended very soon you’ll be running away from taking pictures with your friends as they’re short of incisors & a few molars in their mouth.

Some people do have a natural bacterial problem, no matter how much deo they spit on themselves with the stink will not go away. I had a friend once, who had this issue, & he never let it get him down, he came to school with soap, a facecloth & stocked up on deo and he would rinse his underarms often throughout the day to prevent his pits from smelling like a taxi rank. I commend people who are proactive about this issue, as half the time a spray of AXE will not conquer the reek but a thorough wash and a good anti-perspirant roll on will do the trick. With those who store garbage bags under their tongues, its either a good mint, brush your teeth 3 times a day, see a dentist, or live on Dentyne.

Look, now I know that it’s not a pleasant thing and many may ask if I don’t have people in my life who have mouths and armpits that honk. My answer is no, I stay away from you & if you are going to be a trending topic in my life, WE WILL address the issue. This is not something like a big head or a lazy eye, it’s a hygiene issue and we must assist our friends where they need assistance, as no one likes walking around while chuckling at them behind our backs, especially when these issues can be taken care of.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness people, take initiative.


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