Good Sex deserves a church sermon…

God made us in his image. Our penises, mouths, thighs, hands, vaginas, anuses and skin are all created from his image, they are a depiction of him and what they can do is all his doing, his creation. I believe our bodies represent God. Yet many churches refuse to discuss matters of love making and affection because it’s “not holy”. This is so wrong because sex is probably one of the most spiritual things one can do. Why is sexuality and SEX always placed next to sin? I mean, it’s not like preacher man has never had a boner or the pleasures of ejaculating be it on his own or with some help. 

Imagine how free and sexually confident people would be if their religious institutions fostered lessons on good sex? Religion is here to help people, develop and advance them to towards the light, is sex then just darkness? Is a mind-blowing blow job a creation of evil? Our bodies seem to have so many rules imposed upon them, yet we forget that they work in a way of their own and that makes them spiritual devices and any belief system we believe in should educate us about the pleasures that exists and can be unleashed from my body. God invented orgasms and g-spots. Sex is probably the closest we can get to God because sex is the first fundamental level of creation.

 Why then do our churches refuse to speak about harmonious love making and affectionate habits one can explore with their lover? Jesus was BFFs with a hooker & I’m sure they discussed sexuality. The Holy Bible has a chapter, “Songs of Songs” which documents love between a man and a woman, without any self-righteous nonsense, yet this chapter is seldom lectured in our churches, yet it is the most important chapter as it is about relationships and love.

 I believe the body is on mute and so long as it remains so, sexual frustration and wrongful lust will continue to exist and thrive within and outside our churches, we live in new times, it’s about time we took sex off the self and started owning it.  



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