South African celebrities & twitter

South African celebrities & twitter.

This was a response to Mablerh’s “They are people too” article posted on JustCurious (

The article revolved around us having to be more cautious and sensitive when relating to celebrities on social networking sites and be more considerate with the tweets we post to and about celebrities which are of a negative nature. Honestly I feel what one views as negativity is a subjective thing, yet what I gathered from this article as that we should not @mention celebrities when tweeting things that do not applaud them for whatever it is they do and that we need to understand that they are people too and are no short of feelings than the regular human being.

Here’s the thing:

1st things first, freedom of speech, HI! My constitution reserves the right to say whatever it is I feel, and it also gives you the option to battle it out with me in court when offended (though we know many SA celebrities don’t have a bank balance for such petty legal battles)

2nd We need to stop acting like twitter & other social networking sites are another part of society and that the games, rules and situations that apply in the real world do not apply simply because we have 140 characters to air out our feelings. Social networking sites are society, and yes twitter’s success rests on the fact that influential, celebrated people can now reach out to those who adore them, yet this doesn’t mean that those who don’t like them cannot get a hold of them.

Twitter is more than a celebrity’s fan mail account; it’s also a “hater’s” access point to the celebrity in question as well. For a few seconds celebrities get to know people who know them, and if what they say about you doesn’t stroke your ego, THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY ARE A BAD PEOPLE WITH LOW SELF ESTEEM ISSUES THAT THEY FEEL BIGGER BY DRAGGING THEIR NAME IN  THE DIRT. We need to move away from this fallacy that expressing an opinion or a joke is a trait of bitterness. No it isn’t, it is simple as it being an opinion or a joke. Someone once said, and opinion is like an asshole, everybody has one and if my shit lands on your @mentions…oops, oh well.

Jokes thrive on truth or whatever’s manifesting itself in the real world whiles wrapping it under a bonnet of a giggle or two. My making fun of Bonang’s hairline is not a relfection of the sadness in my life. We make fun of many unknowns with depreciating hairlines, why not her? Because she has been on magazine covers, is on radio & is on welfare TV every Friday night? I’m sorry, the rules of humour and satire do not change just because you are celebrated, if anything it stretches the joke or the giggle that much longer.

Making fun of Khanyi Mbau’s typos and her treacherous ways is NOT a certification of my lameness, just that I think she should proof read and be “honourable” about your ways. That said I love khanyi mbau, she once tweeted: “I don’t block people, this is just twitter”. I like khanyi because she is not conceited about anything she does, she is well aware of what she does, admits her faults and takes all that you may throw at her cause she understands that your opinion on her life is not gospel.

Sensitivity and celebrity don’t go hand in hand, you need thicker skin to be in the business and blocking someone on twitter doesn’t change the fact that they still think “negative” thoughts about you. And that’s the crux of the issue, you can’t control what people will say about you. Whether you’re a radio personality, an actress, a president, a bank teller or a taxi driver or even a priest , some people WILL NOT LIKE YOU and that’s’ ok. They’re sole purpose in life is not to like you,  yours is to live your life in the manner and fashion you see fit and if an opinion about you hurts your feelings, it’s ok to feel bummed, but wallowing in being bummed shows me that it matters a great deal to you to be liked and be appreciated by all, which is stupid.

Now I’m not saying that people cannot be offended, but people have opinions and jokes and people tease. We need to relax and stop taking ourselves to seriously or book a session with a shrink if we have deep unresolved issues. Being human cannot be restricted to feeling and hurting, but it also includes, laughing at a faux pas and learning to do better. You’re not going to improve in life if all you have around you is cheerleaders. Yes people say dumb stupid shit, but you require a threshold of confidence and intelligence to know that doesn’t define you. Not a block button.

Like I tweeted earlier, people talk it’s what we do in life and it helps to have tough skin and take everything with a pinch of salt. This is twitter, a playground, like any other playground, there are the cool kids and those who want to be cool, and if “dogging” another celebrity makes them feel that they’ve achieved something, good for them. And with any other playground people play, laugh, gossip, share and sometimes get hurt. If getting your feelings hurt is what your fear the most, more than the troubling fact that you allow yourself to be reduced to something a nobody said, then block away or don’t play at all.

Relax! It’s just TWITTER….it’s not about you & your feelings.

The Typo…

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ; ‘ “ , . ! ? ….. These bad boys are the foundation of our words and symbols which make our language. Language, a social construct developed to convey human meanings & whatever it is one may wish to communicate to another entity. As simple as this term may sound, with written language comes rules and various tools which are made to assist one in their communicating what they cannot speak. Things like punctuation, grammar and spelling are devised so as to make one’s message “make sense”. But is this so? I mean, of course we cannot function in a system where people scribe words all willy nilly, but is it a catastrophe for one to spell quite when they mean quiet? Especially when the words preceding the error make total sense that this person is talking about silence? Someone in my life once said that if ever you err in English, you should back to your high school & go get your money back.

True, my English teacher tried her best  educate me about what an apostrophe means, however she did spend more time trying to develop me into becoming a thinker, a person who can handle meaning & concepts and relate this with my life against the worlds.

English is more than a language. It’s a language of thought, and sometimes what you’re thinking and how you position it in text may not be cohesive. @Sboshmafu (catch her on twitter y’all) once said “typos & bad grammar compromise content” Now I’m not saying that we shouldn’t aspire towards flawless grammar, but honestly, on social networking sites, we’re not editors of the daily dispatch, we’re using these sites to simply pop off & go off about what we’re thinking. So to all those who are finicky about typos…take a deep breath & count to 10. You should worry more about the message rather than how it’s delivered.


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