The Carvela…10 reasons why it’s a problem!

This shoe is the epitome of expensive ratchetness, trashness and all things greasy, &  poor. Honestly it is money wasted in South African society. Birthed by the Kurt Geiger brand (Another greasy label for the black new money club), this shoe in the hood symbolises that you as a young (or old) black South African have made it to the big time and money ain’t a thing! Middle class blacks despise these genuine leather kicks as they feel that they put us blacks as a people backwards in terms of fashion, style and status.

-Reasons why the Carvela is a no-no

1.      -Muzikayise Owns one.

2.      -Carvela and a silver tooth are synonymous.

3.      -If you’re wearing a Carvela, you’re probably drinking a Savanna (I know, spit it out!).

4.      -You need a floral shirt to wear these bad boys.

5.      -You spent 95% of your KFC cheque buying this mother fucker.

6.      -It costs R1000.00 for a piece of shit that comes in leather form.

7.      – Kenny Kunene probably owns a pair.

8.      – In Durban, it’s worn with folded long Nike tracksuit pants and a tucked in double mercerized golf tee *vomits in mouth*

9.     – They come in a suede that could possibly be confused for a velvet.

10.     – It comes in white.

Obviously this shoe is part of a high end fashion brand, & the Kurt Geiger fashion house, does make a few precious pieces (I do not lie! visit But the REAL problem with the Carvela is that, struggling nobodies in South Africa waste their money so they can feel like somebodies then they wear this excuse of a shoe. In the words of my good friend Patricia: “You could’ve made a better investment”.


4 thoughts on “The Carvela…10 reasons why it’s a problem!

  1. @EmpIressT says:

    Dont know whether to cringe, or play dead when I see a guy wearing them. Things only get worse when he mistakes my stares of horror and mistake them as gazes of affection O_o

    This is a public service announcement. Thanks Mlu. You have played a major part in making the world a better place!

  2. wowmlu says:

    Hahahaha! lol…my pleasure 🙂

  3. Phumlani says:

    Come on ppl I own five carvela’s and I drink Heineken,and its doesn’tscare me to see someone wearin it coz I know he/she cn’t compite with me. . . . lol

  4. toyo says:

    Wow excuse me,u dnt see us complaining about ur lack of fashion! Carvelaz r worth more dan 1000 nd if u had a least bit of intelligence u wud knw dat t cums in dif form(heels,pumps) etc! If u dnt like icarvela bhuti dnt look at it than! I’m not a struggling south african! If I can afford to spend my money on sumten dat makes m hapi dan so b t! Hu r u 2 judge hw ada ppl spend money dat blngs to dem?ayi!

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