The condom will ruin the moment! This is true do not even try to deny it, and this is possibly one of the reasons why many people continue to hit it raw. Now before you say this post exists to propagate condom-less sex, hear me out:

The condom, used to as a barrier during sex to prevent pregnancy & other things, this wonderful latex miracle sadly, doesn’t come attached to a beautiful erect penis, but it comes in a tricky wrapper. There’s that moment during love making when you and your partner have sucked, kissed, touched and licked the sex out of each other and all that’s needed now is some good old penetration to put the sex back in via your private parts, then take it out again when you reach that point of ejaculation. Because you know about syphilis, gonorrhoea and HIV you don’t go there without a rubber. So the kissing ceases, your skin removes itself from one another and he goes searching for the rubber. He gets off the bed, as his back turns towards you as he opens the closet to get a dome his beautiful ass becomes a white board where you mind starts scribbling ideas like whether or not you want to do this, you convince yourself, then he comes back. But the buzz isn’t dead yet. He has to open the darn thing, the time spent struggling with the wrapper and getting to the condom completely zones you out of that place you were, 5secs ago when all you wanted was his sex. Now I know some of you are thinking you’d never sleep with an amateur who can’t open a condom but no matter what a pro a person is when it comes to unwrapping condoms, you both have to start again and work at getting that sexual momentum back to where it was, because THE MOMENT IS NOW GONE!

Thing is, Safe sex IS NOT SEXY! Those condom ads lie; it’s just too much admin, rather use a femidom. That said, you’d rather kill the buzz than yourself by not using a condom. Be smart kids, safe sex…even if it kills the mood.


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