Your relationship with the crapper…

Skid marks are for the race track, NOT THE TOILET BOWL. You have no right scaring the toilet seat with scratches & beatings of your poo. These severe scars do not affect the toilet seat alone but have a continuous traumatic effect on those other members who will use the crapper after you. By shitting & leaving the toilet looking messier than a black girls weave in a rain thunderstorm you are saying so much about yourself.

This disgusting habit does not sprout form laziness alone, but there is a deeper root, a root deeper than negligence and “I don’t care” or “I was in a hurry”. Is this how you handle situations in life? You mess up & leave others to come into contact with your mess? No one likes a disgusting toilet seat because fecal  matter, other than your own is disgusting! MY BIGGEST CONCERN ABOUT PEOPLE WHO DO NOT FLUSH OR CLEAN TOILETS AFTER THEY HAVE DROPPED THEIR KIDS OFF IS: Have you no human dignity? How does it sit with you, when you vacate your cubicle and walk past someone going to the same cubicle you were busy littering with your ass with and that person arrives to that toilet seat to see that you didn’t care to wipe, flush or clean the remains of your manure?

Cleaning your mess is not an issue of intelligence, no this is not required. What is required is courtesy and consideration basic pillars of human logic. REMEMBER: Behind every disgusting toilet bowl was once a clean toilet which was white and sparkling. People shouldn’t be paid to remove your manure stains, the cleaner’s job should actually be to disinfect and kill germs, not to unclog the darn toilet because your lazy ass couldn’t care to flush it a couple of times or scrub off your remains or even to get a bucket & collect water and shove down that die hard piece of shit that refuses to flush.

I am very passionate about this issue because its more than just a toilet seat, this is an attitude & attitudes or attitudes in trivial matters (though this matter is far from being trivial) determine how we deal with our life obstacles as well. That toilet seat could very well resemble an ex-girlfriend, your mother, your alcohol problem and many other bad life situations where you refuse to rectify your wrong ways. Shit is a metaphor for the bad unpleasant things in life, sure they stink and we cant escape them because its natural, but with any unpleasant situation you cannot abandon it, you need to right your wrongs, CLEAN THE TOILET SEAT YOU MESSED UP. Because if you do not, THE PROBLEM LIES WITH YOU & THE REEK OF YOUR SHIT WILL FOLLOW YOU IN LIFE!

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