Your SEX can make you famous.

Tis interesting times we live in. Our private parts have become V.I.P access laments, credit cards and sewing machines which can get us fancy clothes & anything we desire one decent orgasm at a time. The trouble is the V.I.P perks and the gorgeous clothes that come with sleeping with influential people do not come for free. We pay with our coochie to fulfil our desire of letting the world know that we bedded a famous person, why does this desire exist for some?  Society’s always been a place where people are attached with status and star power often leads us to be delusional and sometimes believing that famous people are not human (Like how I refuse to believe that Beyonce poops) But all of a sudden, its seems as if star power can be transferred from one sexual organ to another. And all the unknowns of this world can now open their legs for a famous someone and receive 6secs of shine from a celebrity’s lantern.

The reason why unknowns get famous for bedding famous people I believe is rooted in society’s concepts of “sex” & “nudity”. As liberal as we may think we are, sex is still taboo, if it weren’t so, sex tapes and porn industries wouldn’t be so popular. This means that having an opportunity to be seen with  an influential person, naked or to have them inside you is a big deal which will spark reactions and for that moment, people focus their attention to you.

I believe this has to do with the human body and how it’s kept as a secret to the extent that when it’s exposed we’re either embarrassed or excited.  The human body together sex is the biggest taboo; we walk around like we do not have anuses, penises or vaginas, like we cannot be conjoined with one another through our sexual organs. Sex is a big deal; add that with someone who is a big deal, plus a nobody who is small deal then BOOM the nobody will get some shine. This is why hoes like Karrine Steffans got a chance to thrive on Oprah’s couch and people like Kat Stacks got thousands of followers on twitter.

I believe that the moment sex and the body is no longer mum, sex groupies will die.


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