The words “do not remove the speck in your brother’s eye, when you have a plank in yours” are ringing truer than ever for the African National Congress amidst the municipal election build-up. The ANC has so many planks in their eyes its surprising that they wouldn’t put it into good use and build a room to house all 1600 crappers they are responsible for building and then leaving in the open. What boggles me is, how does one build a toilet and forget to build a room for it? Oh yes, budget constraints, it was either an empty room or a exposed shithouse, pick one, you can’t have both, excuse me as I go put down a deposit on my Jaguar.

It doesn’t interest me that the ANC were on a tirade over the DA’s responsibility of open-toilets, but what puzzles me is the unconstitutionality of this embarrassing fiasco.  And how does one respond to this travesty with an “I don’t know” like Gwede Mantashe did. What? You didn’t know that you’ve so unashamedly impeded on my right to dignity? Yes, dignity is one of the first generation right, chapter one section 1 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. Our government has to uphold these and other rights and they have no right to infringe upon it. But of course many of these politicians wouldn’t know about the constitution, I wonder if they’ve even read the document or know what it looks like.

This debacle illustrates the lack of responsibility by government and how greed, corruption and the obsession with money turns people into inconsiderate fools. They say much of what’s revealed is only a pinch of what’s hidden, which makes me wonder what other disasters are in the pipeline. My biggest concern why people are not seeing this? How many more toilets do we need until people see that the ANC has failed us and continues to fail us as we repeatedly hand over our x’s?  The ANC are a blocked toilet which needs to be unblocked by a zero not an x.


I hope you enjoyed your wasabi while people were shitting under the blazing sun, out in the open.

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