Simphiwe Dana. ( @EssenceQueen )

PIERCING AFRIKAN ESSENCE, this is what comes to mind when her name is mentioned in my world. She sustains Afrikan-ness to the core; her music is an amalgamation of common basic human experience fuelled with Afikan wisdom, resolve and rhythm. With already 3 sensational albums out this essence queen is on the brink of not already on the rank of legendary status. Her current 3rd studio album, Kulture Noir is a vigilant craft of melody, chants and haunting sounds which are carefully and creatively designed with the intention of making you discover something new about the world and the self with each listen.

I believe that she embodies the urban Afrikan  to the centre of its definition. Young, fresh, knowledgeable, traditional but still in the loop with technology (as owning an IT qualification this is expected). She is sweet, opinionated and unashamedly proud of her views when it comes to Afrikan debate and discussions.

I sincerely believe that she holds Africa close to her chest but most of all she proves that as an artist one can make good & true music and still own success in South Africa’s music industry.

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