Side chick-ism

There is nothing new about the mistress, side chicks have been around since the beginning of time when man

discovered the sensations that exist in his pants. Often seen as an intruder, a wrecker, destroyer, thief, rat, cockroach,

and any other word that resides in trampville, the side chick is current & her presence can clearly no longer be

ignored. But there is more to her than her being just an alternative.


I am not a promoter of people who are solely alternatives in any relationship forms, I believe that many of us are

deserving of full love and full attention with no lacunae or any diversion from a lover. The side chick actually

represents more than pleasure, she is a recreational spot, offering not only sex but relaxation as well. It is clear

that those who are enchanted by her whimsical spell are drawn to her sense of acceptance and tolerance  as she is often

not in any position to set the rules but rather comply and use her compliance and obedience to the way things are as a

way of earning power over her master. She is a vacation, a different place of leisure and rest, and I believe in her

existence she can put any romantic relationships to the test.


That said the mistresses story is a profound one, no one should live with the reality of being an option or an “other”,

surely we should all believe that we are deserving to be someone’s one and only, and many side chicks find themselves

in a mode of desperation where they become drugged by the main man & any little signal of affection they get from him

is enough. Side chick-ism is dangerous.  This is because all things we do either grow or depreciate, and this is where the

rub lies, just ask Alicia Keys. Feelings grow and what was a side salad with your Sunday roast becomes the only

meal you want to eat and at this point life happens and all those involved are affected.

I recall an episode from the first season of “Brothers&Sisters” where Holly Harper the mistress of the deceased,

confronts Nora who was the wife and speaks words which sing to the tune of how they both lost & how nobody won.

And her’s is a short monologue and it reminded me of what I discovered at the end of the movie “Coco Avant Chanel”

(who was also a mistress) and that is with the side chick dilemma, nobody wins, nobody gets the whole, everyone is

cheating themselves, including the womaniser. And that is often results in  a sad endbecause infidelity is emotional

fraud, but no one earns any true long lasting reward.


5. Jaimee Grubbs:

Was the first of the many mistresses to speak out about her rendezvous with Tiger Woods and released text messages between the two which range from meeting up & romping to him sending him messages requesting to give her “ a golden shower”.

4. Monica Lewinsky:

The infamous lady who took care of Bill Clinton’s privates in her mouth. She had an affair that Clinton at first denied but Bill later admitted but emphasised that there was no intercourse just a healthy blow job and some foreplay.

3. Lil Kim:

Kimberly is here for maintaining an affair with Notorious BIG throughout his marriage with faith Evans. More importantly she is here to illustrate the consequences of what happens to side chicks when they get busted as Faith Evans confesses in her tell-all book  that she busted Kim in bed with Biggie and she did some work on her, beat her up. Lil Kim apparently left the room and keyed Faith’s car.

2. Marilyn Monroe.

She is rumored to have been with John F Kennedy and her sexy serenade to him wishing him a “happy birthday” prves that there may be a little truth in this. Monroe ended up dead due to a drug overdose, although there are many questions surrounding her death, we can all see that a side chick’s mental is never stable.

  1. Anne Boleyn.

I believe she has to be the “best” mistress of them all. Shagging King Henry VIII, this lady’s affair caused a split between Anglicans & Catholics,  she was not only a side chick but she climbed up the ladder becoming a queen in the end. But she was later beheaded after being busted for sleeping with numerous other men including her brother….You see, slutty ways bare no fruit.


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