Kim Kardashian’s nuptials: It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.

For the average human a wedding is one of the most stressful events to go through as it takes a serious toll on one’s bank balance. . .not if you’re Kim Kardashian. For the regular couple, your wedding is an intimate, almost spiritual affair that you share with your loved ones, closed friends and people who matter, NOT IF YOU’RE KIM KARDASHIAN!!! Celebrity weddings always attract a lot of attention and often this seems like something which stresses many celebs as they would like this personal moment of their life private. But Of course most celebrities are famous for actually being good at something, unlike Kim Kardashian who is famous for? . . . .*crickets* Oh a reality show and a sex tape with Brandy’s insignificant brother. I guess that makes Kim good at “real life” and sex. So being the TV starlet that she is, she has made a lot of money showing up at places, manning various magazine covers & whoring out products like a sex worker on a corner street. The only difference is the sex worker promoting her vaj would never have 450 guests at their wedding, have E! Entertainment cameras document their wedding with strangers in Timbuktu watching, as well as have big luxurious brands dish out huge financial favours for their nuptials.

But what demands great interest with Kimmy cakes’ wedding is the fact that she did not have to pay a dime!!! The only thing they spent money on was the wedding rings, which they got on discount anyway courtesy of Mrs. Lorraine Schwartz. But before I rant on this big media hoopla here’s a quick rundown of the free stuff she nabbed for her wedding, as brands were volunteering to have their names associated with the wedding.

  • The ring her Husband Kris bought is worth 2 million dollars, this is costs more than the one Prince William used to proposed to Kate, but this price again was dramatically reduced by Lorraine Schwartz.
  • The wedding invitations cost 10 000 dollars, but she didn’t pay a thing as Lehr & Black printed them.
  • Kim’s bachelorette took place a few weeks ago at the Las Vegas “Tao” nightclub. Get this, the nightclub paid her 50 000 dollars just to get the honour of hosting her shindig!
  • Her Palazzo hotel, where she stayed the night of her bachelorette party will run the normal customer 2 000 dollars, again, free for Kim!
  • Vera Wang “gifted” the reality star with three dresses to pick from, the cost of all three running a reported 60 000 dollars!
  • The cake cost 6 000 dollars, a bill Hansen’s Cakes took care of, giving her the cake for free,
  • Bruce Jenner managed to sell the wedding photos for 1.5million dollars with a publication that would be given the exclusive rights to release the pics.
  • The wedding cost somewhere around the 10 million dollar mark and she didn’t have to pay a dime.

It’s clear that being a talentless attention whore pays! This event proves more than ever that capitalism in America runs deep. But what is more disgusting is the fact that I am writing about this, giving this ludicrous situation more shine. It shows that we are caught up in the world of things, where money runs the world. Sacred events such as weddings have now become goldmines for talentless celebrities to make millions off. I believe that it is all the saving up and financial stressors that actually make your wedding day mean that much more. It is sad that we as a people will celebrate & idolise people who sell their souls. But what is even more sad is that there is a truck load of little girls who view Kim as the luckiest girl in the world & they believe that this is truly the way.

Despite all the concern this issue needs, I do not believe that Kardashians and her pimp mommy, Kris Jenner view this as a matter of sadness, for them it is just business. For Kim & her slave master for a mother, this wedding was no different from a gig she scored from an upscale brand where she walks away with expensive bridal gifts and a hot athlete to film a second sex tape with. I do not think any of the Kardashians are affected by this but one day Kim will wake up and realise that she sold her psyche for money and a life that was not genuine. But hey, this is Kim kardashian, who probably doesn’t give a hoot about sacred spiritual bullshit. After all, it’s nothing personal it’s just business.


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