Current Obsession: SZJERDENE!




There’s something in the British Waters that keeps them churning musical gems who exude Jazz, soul, quality vocals and music that has weight. Pronounced JhurDEEN, this british song bird can SANG! Ain’t no more to be said. With idols such as Mariah Carey, it is no surprise that her vocals are the first thing that dazzle one, and she accompanies this with meticulous production. After graduating in 2010 from the University of Westminster with a degree in Commercial Music Performance, Szjerdene walked away with one important realization: “There are formulas for being a pop star,” she divulges, “if you follow the criteria you’ll do okay. But I learned that it’s not the route for me. I respect those who choose it; but I would rather write my own material, and collaborate with artists spanning different genres/languages while making music that’s not always conventional to the commercial ear” she says.

Here’s my favourite track from her: “Leila’s Tale”

zjerdene is currently working on her first official album release which she says will be “Conceptual, folk inspired, electronically manipulated, but pure sounds and vocals–A spectrum of my abilities in songwriting and arranging”.

I’m excited & CANNOT wait.


One thought on “Current Obsession: SZJERDENE!

  1. Khanya says:

    i love her! and i love you for introducing me to her!

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