She’s just “Tryna make us THREE from the TWO”



















“Later on in my destiny I see myself having your child. I see myself being your wife and I see my whole future in your eyes”, it is clear that the second verse on Beyonce’s “Dangerously in love” was nothing but a prophecy that only required time to come true.  The future Hip Hop prince/princess is swimming in King B’s uterus unaware of the life that lies beyond momma’s gut. Right now it’s sippin amniotic fluid all day every day, soon this little bundle of joy to be will consume the finest of all things lush that life has to offer. It’s only fitting for an heir to our generations greatest power couple in popular culture.  I’m sure the little foetus is already doing the “uh oh” dance with an umbilical cord as a microphone. Suri Cruise will have nothing on this child to be. If you ask me, this child has to be born in a manger with Kanye, Chris Martin & Obama coming forth with gifts of myrrh, frankincense & gold.












Beyonce Knowles-Carter knows how to get people talking. And so it was only fitting that announcing her pregnancy needed the same drama. But it ain’t nothing but mic drop, a hair flick & an unbuttoning of a sequenced blazer for King B as this woman lives her life with meticulous strategy and purpose.  It’s worth noting that the media has impregnated Beyonce 6 times with false allegations of her being pregnant, but lucky no.7 seems to be the spot reserved for Papa Hov.  A child is a gift from God, and excitement is due when people we love & adore are blessed with the task to raise a child. But this child won’t be like any other child, as it is born into a dynasty of music royalty. Many believe that we shouldn’t care for such great news, or that it has nothing to do with us or the price of rice. The truth is, as customers and loyal fans, Jay-Z and Beyonce give us a part of themselves every time they perform for us & make music for us. We are essentially part of their lives as the public, so we are deserving of these news thus making our excitement valid. And if you’re not concerned with Beyonce’s music or life, then these news aren’t for you, Let us be! as they affect us and they are without a doubt one of the biggest influences in popular culture and the urban lifestyle of our generation.

I know this post will never reach Hov & Bey, but I congratulate them and am excited to welcome their baby to our family (as devout fans & customers of the Carters and their music I’m sure that Jay-Z and Beyonce consider us as family).

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One thought on “She’s just “Tryna make us THREE from the TWO”

  1. Gorgeous!! You have every right to be excited. I know you love Bey, I probably will never understand just how much, but she’s a part of your life which validates every ounce of excitement you’re feeling. I have so much respect and love for both Beyonce and Hov. I couldn’t think of anyone who deserved this any more than them. This is too precious :))) A great example to follow. Work hard & smart now and accomplish as much as you can in your youth…sweet stories are made of this. Wow!!

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