Since we’re twit-pic’n: The skinny on twitpicing booze & grub













While I’m not one to dictate how folk should handle their social networking handles, I always find pleasure in observing the things people do and share on the interwebs. There’s no disputing the point that twitter & facebook rest on the notion of letting people share their lives with whomever, through a few clicks those who interact with you get a chance to see how you live like and how you’re living and all that nice stuff blah blah blah. Therefore taking pictures of what you’re drinking and eating is part of letting people in on what’s going down in your life, your mouth and your bladder.

A conversation I once had with a friend was “Why are we taking pictures of our food & not eating it? Why you taking pics of your drank and not sipping?” Obviously people eventually do get around nibbling what they snapped but for what reason are we taking photos of our drinks & food? Granted there those who simply take photographs  of their consumables to boast, floss brag about  how they are spending stacks on expensive cuisine and ordering all types of drinks & bottles of booze which could cost more than a toilet cleaner’s salary, one must ask is this tendency a “look at me & what I eat and drink” or are people genuinely sharing beauty and the yummy luxurious and goods that life has to offer?

Not everyone who posts a picture does it to get a few RTs, some do it just to share the splendour of something, it’s not about them & their paper. It’s about sharing, letting people in on eatables that they should try out next time they out and about with spare change to chuck.  But if only the world was so simple and perfect, there are those who take pictures of things we do not need to see or would never bring near our mouths.









So here’s a 4 things you DON’T need to twitpic:

-Fast-Food meals: I honestly don’t want to see a picture of a McFeast Deluxe or a Debonairs’ Real Deal 20 buck pizza, I think we all know what those meals look and taste like. If I’d like to keep a memoir of a streetwise two, I’ll hang an enlarged KFC pamphlet in my living room. It has no business on my timeline.

– Cappuccinos & lattes:  Unless the foam is made of cocaine froth or you’re at a place where their cinos and lattes have been revolutionised, we don’t need to see it. A cappuccino & a latte is a cappuccino & a latte.

– Badly cooked meals:  Honestly seeing a bad plate  of food on your time-line or newsfeed is makes my heart sink, I pity the user more than anything.  True breakfast meal pics are a favourite, however, there are those who think an almost burnt hard egg with two funny shaped pork bangers and a badly cut ring of tomato is cute. Stop that. When in doubt if your home-cooked meal deserves exposure, ask yourself this: Would the Jamie Oliver tweet this? If the answer is no, don’t.

– Box wine: You’re already drinking left overs made from all sorts of cheap wines in a carton. You don’t need to let the whole world in on what’s getting you slizzard as you tweet “I’m so wasted”. Team Namaqua is guilty of this.

Sharing is the sole purpose of sending images to social networks. To share things and introduce people to products and to celebrate beautiful edibles and drinkables is beautiful. Although you may not be aware, but our lifestyles and social network accounts are marketing fields for any product. What you tweet, you endorse, so be careful about the things you give your 140 characters.  My rule: If a Twit would tweet it, DON’T TWEET IT! 🙂

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One thought on “Since we’re twit-pic’n: The skinny on twitpicing booze & grub

  1. HAHA! Finally someone puts it out there.

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