Fact: A penis that is larger than the regular Johnson makes some difference. Yet a large member is one of those things that are often left unspoken, but the issue of a big dong looms, whether you have a massive one or not. The Wikipedia page on human penis size says that “perceptions on penis size are culture specific”. This is true, Greeks in renaissance art favoured an uncircumcised small micro-dick and found large penises to be obscene, whiles the Arabs, Romans and Africans preferred large shafts. This is probably because a penis is one of the most powerful things the human species posses next to a vagina and a brain. The vagina holds higher rank in my opinion for its abilities and miraculous capability of being an exit point for all natural human life. Back to the issue of big dicks, whether you’re heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, transsexual, asexual and whatever other labels of sexuality the liberal fundis have devised, we all have at least once thought about the state and power that surrounds a big package.
That said, though it is highly praised, a big dick is not something that is ideal. Various studies have concluded that most men who are extremely well endowed find their colossal magic wands to be a sexual burden and they are in fact embarrassed. These are men who are holding serious dick, I’m talking 10 inches and beyond, with girth that is no less than the width of a 500ml coke bottle. The reason for shame is obvious, everyone likes having a little more than the usual, but no one wants to abnormal, because there is too much of a good thing. With an appendage that’s almost the size of a Pringles tin it is only natural that one feels nervous to whip it out stick it in let alone requesting a deep throat. Those with these strangely large peckers have great difficulty getting a great lay. Sexual experts have advised that they never go on top as there’s a risk of disfiguring the internals of the person that they’re ploughing. Then there are those who can handle their fat wood, men who have mastered entrance & motion. Besides the obvious physiological difference, a big penis will affect a person’s mental disposition & self-esteem. Those who lack size are proof of this, we’re all aware of the small penis community whose actions and overbearing-ness reveals their dissatisfaction with their microscopic pricks.
Interesting to note (Things that affect the size of dick) :
Penis size varies, elements that can influence size are mainly the level of arousal, the time of day, room temperature and one’s frequency of sexual activity.
Penis size can and does affect one’s self esteem, which is why some are not proud of their monster cocks and others seek medical assistance and enlargers. Though I am an advocate for fixing whatever it is on your body that you may have a deep complexity about, I’m very reluctant with repairing things which you did not choose and don’t fundamentally affect your life. But I guess the state of a man’s penis is life altering. So whether you can easily fill up a magnum XL or need a custom-made extra small condom, love and take care of your dick.

And remember: just because a man flies a Boeing 747 doesn’t mean he knows how to land it.

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