Friday Music Treasure: DivaGeek – “MONEY”


After writing what was first exam in my final year at university, I left that exam room itching for music to make me feel good, let loose & unwind. In desperation mode, I had to dig into my catalog of music treasures & the first thing my ears grabbed was Diva Geek’s MONEY!

Songstress Vula belts out on the itch of wanting more money, fantasizing melodically (with her very rich voice) on the things she would do & have, if she had all that bread!

DivaGeek is a collaborative effort between Londoners Ben Jones & Vula Malinga. Ben, a man possessed with MJ, Level 42, Steely Dan, Thomas Dolby, & James Brown influences, met Vula an impeccable songwriter & songstress at various London gigs. The two worked together for Vula’s solo project & the rest is as they say, history.

“He said, She said” was the first song I initially heard when I discovered these two last year, but “Money” is one big groove that makes being materialistic seem oh so soulful!

This afternoon the song got me moving & initiated that Friday boogie, making me forget I had been sleep-deprived slaving away in preparation for writing this afternoon’s exam paper. More than that, the song reminded me that I should hold on steadfastly to work-ethic (whatever that means) & studying harder for just a little while longer, so I could also get my grubby little paws on all that “MONEY! MONEY! GIMME THAT MONEEEYYYYYY!”

Enjoy the video below:

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