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R.I.P Nick Ashford, your legacy will forever be “Solid as a rock”.

Few recoding artists and songwriters can forge a SOLID foundation in music the way classic acts of the 80s did. Therefore it comes as sad news that Nickolas Ashford of Ashford and Simpson lost his fight against throat cancer and passed away last night. I look at pictures of Ashford & Simpson and I see nothing but a duo who possessed cool, some hippie zeal and a slicked perm fixed and greased well. As performers, Ashford and Simpson are known for remakes of soulful songs such as Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t no Mountain High enough” but they are best-known for their song “Solid”, a love anthem that even a soul-less specimen who’s never known love could recognize, smile and still bump to with funk.

May his wife and two daughters be consoled and may  his soul rest in peace as his music certainly won’t as it’ll continue to work in our memories and get-togethers even with the next generations to come. Because good music cannot die.

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