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Throwback Thursday: He was perfection, & He ain’t even know it.

Throwback Thursday: He was perfection, & He ain't even know it.

Butterscotch skin with adolescent acne to humanise him.
Innocent eager eyes which saw things no man could perceive.
Thick eyebrows which were tamed lying neatly above his soul’s window.
Clean white teeth which caged a shy tongue.
And height that made him a tower of wonders.

Michael Jackson was beautiful.

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Remembering Michael Jackson. [plus vintage photos from Michael Jackson’s childhood]


















Michael Jackson would’ve been 53 today, and his legacy remains sacred and untainted. When you’ve got  it, you’ve got it, & no one can ever take it away, including what you leave behind when you die. I remember putting a T-shirt over my head just so that I could have hair to whip when I was imitating the slick choreography to Remember The Time.

With great artists, I am always intrigued by their human side. Michael was not only about sparkly gloves and an aggressive face with a bottom lip bite and a pelvic thrust. He represented the importance of love and how important it is to make kindness a priority. But the biggest thing he represented was the wrath of fame. How it deprives, how it eats and how it steals. Michael was deprived of a childhood, his innocence was incomplete because we ate him at a young age and stole moments every human being should experience. But even his psyche and troubled soul could never taint his talent and all though he is gone, his talent and it’s remains is what we have left. Be it clips on VCR, concert DVDs, YouTube footage, pictures on Flickr or Posters from magazines, and my T-shirt to put over my head, He will never be forgotten.

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