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Music Video Classic: Sunshine Anderson, “Heard it all before”

“What were you thinking? Bringing her into our home? IN OUR BED?! You must have fell & bumped your head, messing up my sheets, & violating me!”

The classic late nighties / early naughties ingredient for an R&B hit:

– Plot about some triflin nigga who’s creepin’ & won’t stop spittin’ game? (check)

– Woman who’s reached her breaking point? (check)

– Smooth melodic vocals & beautiful meolody? (check)

– Sassy visual of a sistah givin’ a brutha in a fitted cap her three snaps up three snaps down? (CHECK!)

Its no surprise that this song remains a classic. Released in 2001, this jam still blows today!

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Friday Music Treasure: DivaGeek – “MONEY”


After writing what was first exam in my final year at university, I left that exam room itching for music to make me feel good, let loose & unwind. In desperation mode, I had to dig into my catalog of music treasures & the first thing my ears grabbed was Diva Geek’s MONEY!

Songstress Vula belts out on the itch of wanting more money, fantasizing melodically (with her very rich voice) on the things she would do & have, if she had all that bread!

DivaGeek is a collaborative effort between Londoners Ben Jones & Vula Malinga. Ben, a man possessed with MJ, Level 42, Steely Dan, Thomas Dolby, & James Brown influences, met Vula an impeccable songwriter & songstress at various London gigs. The two worked together for Vula’s solo project & the rest is as they say, history.

“He said, She said” was the first song I initially heard when I discovered these two last year, but “Money” is one big groove that makes being materialistic seem oh so soulful!

This afternoon the song got me moving & initiated that Friday boogie, making me forget I had been sleep-deprived slaving away in preparation for writing this afternoon’s exam paper. More than that, the song reminded me that I should hold on steadfastly to work-ethic (whatever that means) & studying harder for just a little while longer, so I could also get my grubby little paws on all that “MONEY! MONEY! GIMME THAT MONEEEYYYYYY!”

Enjoy the video below:

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A good MUSIC find: Lianne La Havas.

She’s 22, purely beautiful, from South London, and she’s an amalgamation of Greek & Jamaican goodness & best believe she sounds worthy of your ear’s attention.

She admits to having wasted time drinking tea & smoking cigarettes and falling in love only to later challenge herself to release an EP before this year comes to an end. Her voice is solid & wholesome, she sounds sweet with intense maturity making her voice valuable. Like many British songstresses, her songs are filled with personal experiences and burnt marks love left. Add that with real talent & you can trust that she is about to become major.

On starting her music career, she wanted to enter talent shows but realised that they were becoming less & less good. So she took to myspace (back when it was still cool), found a manager & is now signed to Warner Bros.

Her UK tour starts 15 Nov, & her EP is put November 21.

“You just look ridiculous, in your disguise. Yes I found you out. This is my last goodbye.” –  Gone

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Music Vintage: Sarah Vaughn























Sass, clarity & a voice spinkled with angelic sweetness & goodness which comes from the pits of passion. Sarah Vaughn had sass, talent and something extra which we could never explain but is only known to her and her maker. Ella Fitzgerald called her “The world’s greatest singing talent”, which explains why one can hear Ella whisper through Vaughn’s formidable sound, they were both made of the same stuff.


  • Born in Newark, New Jersey, in 1924
  • her father was an amateur guitarist and her laundress mother was a church vocalist.
  • She studied piano from the age of seven.
  • influenced many vocalists such as Anita Baker.

She’s a treasure and aught to be remembered.

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Remembering Michael Jackson. [plus vintage photos from Michael Jackson’s childhood]


















Michael Jackson would’ve been 53 today, and his legacy remains sacred and untainted. When you’ve got  it, you’ve got it, & no one can ever take it away, including what you leave behind when you die. I remember putting a T-shirt over my head just so that I could have hair to whip when I was imitating the slick choreography to Remember The Time.

With great artists, I am always intrigued by their human side. Michael was not only about sparkly gloves and an aggressive face with a bottom lip bite and a pelvic thrust. He represented the importance of love and how important it is to make kindness a priority. But the biggest thing he represented was the wrath of fame. How it deprives, how it eats and how it steals. Michael was deprived of a childhood, his innocence was incomplete because we ate him at a young age and stole moments every human being should experience. But even his psyche and troubled soul could never taint his talent and all though he is gone, his talent and it’s remains is what we have left. Be it clips on VCR, concert DVDs, YouTube footage, pictures on Flickr or Posters from magazines, and my T-shirt to put over my head, He will never be forgotten.

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When Jill Scott announced that “Hear My Call” was going to be her next single off her fourth studio album “Light Of The Sun”, I was consumed with excitement & secretly demanded, in my head, a raw emotion filled visual of the song that would match the impact it gives when one listens to it. Very much like Janelle Monae’s “Cold War”  music video, this is nothing more than 3:58mins of Jill’s face, her vulnerability, her heart and eyes that sincerely capture what love does when it burns one. Its obvious that the tracks from Light of the Sun come from a familiar honest place, but it’s even more refreshing when that same honesty is translated in a music video.

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MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jill Scott “Golden”

Is it her burgundy fro? Her smile that lights up a passageway as she sings a melodious existential tune about pride, self-love and responsibility, as many pass her by manoeuvring around her hurrying off to the next meeting? It could be the charm she exudes in her  striking yellow sweatshirt as she peddles on a bicycle without a care in the world, with  reassurance that life’s good. It’s everything. The throwback pics of her as a child and her sitting on the sea shore, wriggling her chubby toes in the sand with a flower placed neatly in her natural hair. This video somehow reminds me that despite all the deadlines and hustles and bustles of the world, everything will be alright.

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R.I.P Nick Ashford, your legacy will forever be “Solid as a rock”.

Few recoding artists and songwriters can forge a SOLID foundation in music the way classic acts of the 80s did. Therefore it comes as sad news that Nickolas Ashford of Ashford and Simpson lost his fight against throat cancer and passed away last night. I look at pictures of Ashford & Simpson and I see nothing but a duo who possessed cool, some hippie zeal and a slicked perm fixed and greased well. As performers, Ashford and Simpson are known for remakes of soulful songs such as Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t no Mountain High enough” but they are best-known for their song “Solid”, a love anthem that even a soul-less specimen who’s never known love could recognize, smile and still bump to with funk.

May his wife and two daughters be consoled and may  his soul rest in peace as his music certainly won’t as it’ll continue to work in our memories and get-togethers even with the next generations to come. Because good music cannot die.

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Beauty, charm, hard work & pure talent, all that one needs to be in charge. Even those who despise her cannot deny her flair and her impeccable presence on a stage, she can serenade you in a gown and still break it down in a tight embellished leotard in 6 inch heels whiles thrashing her hair in every direction. I must say she strikes me as an amalgamation of Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Barber Streisand & a teaspoon of Michael Jackson, making her in a lane of her own.

Her new single (which has gotten many mixed reviews from the general public) is genius. Many criticise the lack of lyric in the song, this makes me laugh seeing as the two verses on this joint are full with loaded words and lyric an anthem to ay femme fatale and that to the powerful boldness that is the hook. The sampled beat is awesome! I mean, she managed to get into the current electronic dance craze which is in the air yet she kept it fresh and you can hear that Fela Kuti inspiration which she says is a huge influence on this album. The funny reality is those who do not appreciate this song will soon be moving to it and regurgitating the lyrics line by line at the crib or the club. We saw this when Single ladies came out, which has to be one of the iconic songs which you can place next to her name. Her new album is influenced by only good music! In the latest Billboard magazine issue she says influences for this album include Fela Kuti, classic 90s r&b, Earth, Wind & Fire, DeBarge, Lionel Richie, Adele and even Florence and the machine. A diverse pool of muses which we know she will channel into genius, she is in her prime!

Her much anticipated album is titled “4”. The number holds a sentimental value to her, her fans kept calling it “4”, she was born on the forth, it is her mother’s & husband, Jay-Z’s birthday, as well as many of her friends. Even her wedding date was on the 4th. So in honour of the title here are four reasons why Beyonce runs the world:


She is married to Jay-Z, who is without a doubt one of hip hop’s most powerful men.


She invented a word “Bootylicious” which was added to The Oxford Dictionary.


She was the lead singer for Destiny’s Child, who are one of the world’s best selling girl groups of all time.


She holds the Grammy record for having the most wins by a female in one night at the Grammys by picking up 6 Grammys in one night. She currently has a total of 41 Grammy Award nominations, which is more than any other female artist in history!!!! She has a total of 16 Grammys and I’ve got a feeling she ain’t done yet. She can cut through all classes and groups, people in Timbuktu know who she is. And she has breath-taking showmanship.

We all know her new single is a subliminal rhetorical question, so I ask…Who run the world? WHO RUN THIS MUTHA?!

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Music Video of the day: NAS (One Mic)

What I love about this song is the message of less & minimalism that carries on steadily throughout the entire song. The importance of being content, “One mic, one beat, one stage, one nigger”…This rap is a reminder of our dire political situation and the importance of the things that matter not money, not cars, girls or jewellery but spirituality, being at ease and most importantly the value of being conscience of one’s environment. I love the build up in the verses as there is a build up to a crescendo and before you know it it goes back to it’s calm, “All I need is one mic, one mic”

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